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We, jaan shawls, are the leading manufacturers, trader, supplier, retailer of all types of Antique Jamawar Shawls. We have a wide range of Antique Jamawar, Paisley Shawls, Kashmiri shawls, Durkha, Chinikaar, Kalamkari, Zari Shawls, Najibabadi Shawls, Bareli Shawls, Amritsari shawls and lots more.

6th Generation in Business

We are proudly say that, this is our 6th Generation serving and protecting the art of mughal period. The Jaan family is probably the first family started the business of Shawls. And since generations, we are into the business of Shawls. Our forefather used to deal with Mughal Emperor, Nawaab of Avadh and Rampur and other famous Kings of India.

  • 6th Generation : Mr. Mohsin Mahfooz Jaan, Muddessir Jaan, Awais Jaan, Anas Jaan, Yasir Jaan, Ali Jaan and Ismail Khan
  • 5th Generation : Mr. Mahfooz Jaan, Maqsood Jaan, Masood Jaan, Saud Jaan, Mansoor Jaan, Irshat Parvez Jaan, Aslam Shahzada Jaan.
  • 4th Generation : Late. Mr. Mahmood Jaan, Late. Mr. Ahad Yaar Khan, Nawab Jaan Khan, Rahat Jaan Khan
  • 3rd Generation: Late. Mr. Ahmad Yaar Khan
  • 2nd Generation : Late Allahdiya Khan
  • First Generation : Late. Shahji Khan

Online Store:

As the market is growing fast, we have also switched our business online. Jamawar Shawls is an effort to bring the awareness about the unexplored handicraft of needle work, which is lost in modern world. 

#Did you Know Facts: 

  1. There is a street in chandni chowk, named as gali saudagran, named after us. Saudagar means traders. We had a haveli of mughal period in Gali saudagran.
  2. Nawab of Rampur was very fond of Jamawar shawls, he had a wide collection of shawls in Rampur.
  3. Nawab Najib-ud-daula also had keen interest in Shawls, he had established a special haveli for our family in Najibabad city.
  4. Our Great Grand father got the Title of “Shahji” by Mughal Emperor.
  5. “Jaan Sahab” Title was also given to our great grand father by Nawab Najib-ud-daula.

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