History of Jamawar Shawls

Jamawar Shawl

History of Jamawar Shawls

Jamawar is a special type of shawl made in Kashmir, India. The history of Jamwar shawls goes back to the Mughal period. Mughal Emperor, Akbar was very fond of Art and craft. He encourage the handicrafts work including weaving, Needle work, pashmina shawls and Jamawar shawls. originally Jamwar shawls designed in Turkistan, Iran, Iraq and some parts of Afghanistan. Mugahal Emperor Babur had very large group of artists, who can designed hand made designing shawls, curtains, carpets, chogas and and dastarkhans. These artists work for decades and make handmade articles and present to the King, in exchange king used to reward lots of asharfies and other eatable goods to the families of those bunkars (weavers.), Laters on all the mughal Baadshah and kings used to carries the same royal dresses.

Jamawar Shawls – The Making

Jamawar shawls were made by the purest pashmina available at that time. Threads used to dye with natural flowers colors. Exract of Flowers used to fill colors in shawls. Jamawar shawls are so soft and fragile as it is made by hand. It takes decades to make a single jamawar shawl. That’s why jamawar shawl is so popular. Modern, machine-made Jamawar known as Paisley Shawls. Now a days Jamawar prints shawls are also available Known as Amritsari Shawls.

As per the wikipedia : Jama” means robe and “war/var” is chest and metaphorically body

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