Najibabad The Undiscovered City

Najibabad – The Undiscovered City

Najibabad is a very small city located just 35 Km away from district Bijnore, Uttar pradesh. Najibabad is made from two words Najib and abad. Abaad means to establish. It was established in 1740 by Nawab Najib-udidaula or Najib Khan, a well known Rohilla warrior. That’s why its called Najibabad.

Najibabad – a Hub of Jamawar Shawls 

As Nawab Najib-ud-daula was very fond of arts and crafts. He brought some expert artisans of jamawar shawls from Delhi  and setup a haveli in Dharamdass, This haveli is still present in Najibabad. where these artists, made jamawar shawls. Shahji Allahdiya was the head of the jaan Family. He started teaching the art of making jamawar shawls to the weavers of Najibabad, He was the master of Rafoo, (Darning). He has taught the many people the art of rafoogiri. Even Today most of the Muslim family in Najibabad are doing the business of Shawls or repairing work of Shawls.

Some of the reputed family doing shawls business are obviously Jaan Family, Mirza Brothers – Mirza Family, Ali Brothers – Ali House, Ahmad Brothers, Khan Shawls etc.

Najibabadi Shawls – Latest Trend

For the last few year, Some of the oldest and famous families started making these shawls again, known as Najibabadi Shawls. since jamawar shawls were the antique shawls and has limited quantity. So the makers has invented najibabadi shawls, which is made purely hand made needle work shawls crafted by new generation artists.

Najibabad is Also Famous For;

  • Nawab Najib-ud-daula Fort
  • Nawab Najib-ud-daula Tomb
  • Chaar Minaar, Mehndi Bagh
  • Old Rohilla Fort, (Now Thana)
  • Jama Masjid
  • Old Shiv Mandir
  • Jamawar Shawls
  • Najibabadi Shawls
  • Najibabadi Food
  • Handicrafts and Rafoogar (Darners)
Rohilla Fort
Old Rohilla Fort – Najibabad Kotwali
Najib-ud-daula Fort
Najib-ud-daula Fort
  • Pincode of Najibabad: 246763
  • Population of Najiababad: About 88,000
  • Current MLA : Tasleem Ahmad (Samajwadi Party)
  • Current Chairman : Sabiha Nishat (Samajwadi Party)


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