Jaan Shawls Stall at Boho Bazaar Festival 2022

December 23, 2022 By M.Jaan 0

Boho Bazaar Festival 2022 Delhi

Boho Bazaar Festival is back in the city. Xmas Festival started at JLN stadium, Delhi. Where Jaan Shawls join as an exibitor and show the most beautiful collection of Antique and modern Shawls. The Boho Bazaar festival will continue for thee days i.e. 23, 24, 25 December.

Jaan Shawls Stall at Boho Bazaar Festival : Stall no. 18

Jaan Shawls has a wide range of Antique Mughal period Jamawar shawls, Vintage Kani jamawar and Kashmiri shawls. we also have Paisley shawls made during Nepolean period. we have some modern collection of new era Najibabadi and Kalamkari shawls, borders which are purely made by hand embroidery on pashmina.

So if you are a shawl lover, buy our shawls at Boho Bazaar Festival, Delhi on 23,24,and 25 December, JLN stadium, Delhi. you can also visit or website: Jamawar Shawls

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Enjoy the X’mas and New Year Discount on Shawls and accesories.

Najibabadi Black Shawl

pashmina stole

pashmina stole