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History of Jamawar Shawls

December 9, 2021 By M.Jaan Off

History of Jamawar Shawls Jamawar is a special type of shawl made in Kashmir, India. The history of Jamwar shawls goes back to the Mughal period. Mughal Emperor, Akbar was very fond of Art and craft. He encourage the handicrafts work including weaving, Needle work,…

Najibabad The Undiscovered City

November 19, 2021 By M.Jaan 0

Najibabad – The Undiscovered City Najibabad is a very small city located just 35 Km away from district Bijnore, Uttar pradesh. Najibabad is made from two words Najib and abad. Abaad means to establish. It was established in 1740 by Nawab Najib-udidaula or Najib Khan,…

Different Types of Shawls

July 25, 2019 By M.Jaan 0

Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the potential intent to purchase a suitable selection of them. A typology of shopper types has been developed by scholars which identifies one group of shoppers as recreational shoppers

The style of an artwork

January 23, 2017 By M.Jaan Off

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. In their most general form these activities include the production of works…